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Ducati Aarschot Track-day

DUCATI TRACKDAY powered by Ducati Aarschot ! (


This track day is organized by DUCATI AARSCHOT in collaboration with Inter-Track.

What can you expect?

-6 sessions of 20 minutes with a maximum of 35 riders on the track.

-All pilots are divided into four groups:

 • Group 1 : little or no track experience (supervision by our instructors before noon)
 • Group 2 : little track experience (free riding)
 • Group 3 : enough track experience (free riding)
 • Group 4 : much track experience (free riding)

-In the morning,Group 1 is divided into small groups, each with an experienced instructor who teaches the pilots each session through a system of briefing / trackriding /  debriefing the necessary track knowledge in a smooth, pleasant way.

-The riders of Group 2, 3 and 4 can ride freely throughout the day.

-If you have questions or problems, you can always ask our instructors and staff for help.

-During each session of each group our instructors ride between the pilots to notice any excessive speed differences and, if necessary, change participants from group.

-If you feel that your group is too fast or too slow, please ask someone of the Inter-track crew to put you on to a higher or lower group.

-A team of marshalls around the entire track is ready to warn you in time of possible danger on the track. will take the action photos during the day.

-Our regular tire-service Ultimate Bike Service is available to provide you with new rubber,brakes ,etc, if needed.

-On the track also ambulances and emergency doctors are ready to provide medical care if necessary.

-2 Weeks before the track day you get an email from us with all the necessary practical information.

-Those who want to spend the night at the paddock can come to the track and stay with the people of the organization in the paddock.

-NOTE: the track of Mettet applies a limit of 94 Db measured staticly and dynamicly measured 101 Db, so original exhausts or open exhausts with Db-killers are designated.

 For open exhausts without Db-killers,access to the circuit will be refused!

 We hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we do!


 See you al on track!!